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Learn about Varuna Wines and the wine experts that bring you the very best wines from around the world.

About Us

About Varuna Wines

Varuna Wines offers a selection of wines from all over the world sourced by our network of sommeliers and wine experts.  Derived from the Sanskrit words for “surround” and “to connect all things,” Varuna represents our connection across the universe.  We believe that wine can bind people together through a common passion and an appreciation for fine living.  Every sip of wine brings a world of new flavors ready to be explored.

Varuna is synonymous with “all-knowing” and we want to pass along knowledge about all of our wines.  Discover the story behind each bottle and learn which wines pair best with your meals to become the ultimate host.

Love an element of surprise?  Join our Collector's Box subscription or purchase one as a gift to receive an array of international wines selected by sommeliers every month, two months or three months.  Choose from red, white or mixed wine shipments at up to 30%-off retail prices.

We cut out the middleman by purchasing directly from the wineries.  This allows us to provide you with a substantial discount on exclusive wines that cannot be found on local retail shelves.  Our sommeliers and wine experts carefully select wines that pair well with food and will please most palates.  You will not find bulk, re-packaged wines in our collection.  We pride ourselves in carrying great wines at affordable prices.  Wine is great living and we hope you’ll join us in the exploration of wines from around the world.

About Our Experts

What is a sommelier?  A sommelier is a trained wine professional who specializes in all aspects of wine service.  Whether educated within the strict environment of the Court of Master Sommeliers, the world’s finest culinary institutions, or out among the vines, each has unparalleled experience, an incredible education, and extraordinary passion for wine. Leveraging years of strong relationships and deep friendships globally, each has insider access to incredible wines that are unavailable in the United States.

We work with sommeliers, winemakers and industry insiders to help us source only the best wines that would otherwise not be sold in the United States.