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Amatore 2014 Rosso Verona, Italy

Amatore 2014 Rosso Verona, Italy

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A ripe developed wine with very nice length, and gentle tannins that make for a nice well balanced wine.

85% Merlot, 15% Corvina and Sangiovese
Veneto, Italy
13% ABV

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  • Appellation:Veneto, Italy
  • By:Amatore
  • Color:Dark opaque red
  • Blend:85% Merlot 15% Corvina and Sangiovese
  • Alcohol:13
  • Sweetness:Dry
A unique wine with a spicy taste. A blend of Merlot, Corvina and Sangiovese. This is an extraordinarily popular wine and is generally only found in Asia and Europe. This is an outstanding example of Verona IGT wines. Interest in this wine has been growing as it is being discovered. The Amatore is more affordable than many Verona IGT wines.
Dishes of Verona are quite different from the Italian cuisine famous all over the world. More than pasta, Traditional northern Italian dishes are based on the widely-cultivated rice. Risotto, a very tasty rice soup, is one of Verona’s famous dishes. Braised meats (Osso Buco, pork shank) served over a thick cream made with corn flour is one of the most representative dishes of northern Italy. It can also be enjoyed with cured meats and cheeses.